Here are links to some of my key industry presentations and training sessions:

Leadership in Transition: A presentation to the Iowa Newspaper Association on the challenges of being a leader in remarkably challenging times, including good habits for leading change in today's environment, February 2010.

Newsroom structures for changing times: A presentation to the Arkansas Press Association -- A look at why old models of newsroom organization are being re-examined and an overview of key trends and ideas for reorganizations., July 2009.

Tracking and influencing reader behavior: A presentation offered at several workshops in Cairo, Egypt, organized by the Media Development Program -- Includes an introduction to principles of readership research and specifically the Reader Behavior Score method developed by the Readership Institute at Northwestern University, May 2009.

Building Reader Loyalty: A presentation to the Minnesota Newspaper Association -- Print and online ideas to grow readership, January 2009.

High expectations: Achieving high standards when resources are tight: A presentation to the Minnesota Newspaper Association -- Keys to being a strong leader in challenging times, including ideas for setting high expectations and accomplishing goals, January 2009.

Enduring Values: Enriching journalism in a customer-driven digital world: A workshop session on defining core values and how digital journalism and customer focus can help enhance those core values. Created for the seminar, "Beyond Commodity: Customer-Focused Strategy for Digital Media" at Northwestern University's Media Management Center, October 2008.

Dynamic web strategies for small newspapers: A report to the Newspaper Association of America and the American Society of Newspaper Editors joint meeting in Washington, D.C. -- An introduction to key concepts for developing web strategies, focusing on Attitude, Audience and Advertising, with examples from news web sites across the country. Includes a case study of how online sites covered the resignation of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, April 2008.

Innovative Ideas: A report to the American Society of Newspaper Editors -- Connecting to readers and meeting their communication needs in a busy world, April 2006.

Building Readership: A report to the American Society of Newspaper Editors -- Big and small ideas to enhance reader experiences with your newspaper, April 2005.

Emphasizing Local News: A presentation to the ANP, an organization for regional newspapers in Chile, August 2004.

What Do Readers Want? A presentation to the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, May 2004.

Growing Readership: Slides presented as part of a panel discussion, Newspaper Association of America, March 2003.

The Editor as Brand Manager:  A presentation to the Inland Press Association, March 2002.

Starting With Readers: A presentation to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 2001.